2018 Proctor Arts Fest, with Sensei Bailey & Sensei Christopher

About the School

At Steve Curran Karate and Fitness we have a focus on health, flexibility and self-defense in a modern environment. We believe that people of all ages, and skill levels can learn and improve their health and fitness. We are committed to the ideals of fairness, equality, and self-discipline. With Karate students will learn and improve…

  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Life Skills

Adult Instructors

  • Shihan Brad Tomhave
  • Shihan Dr. Jocelyn Takayesu
  • Shihan Bethany Maines

Blackbelt Instructors

  • Sensei Eleni
  • Sensei Elijah
  • Sensei Blake
  • Sensei Jonah


Steve Curran

Steve Curran is tenth degree black belt, an 11 time World Sport Karate Champion, a gold medalist in the Goodwill Games, winner of 185 national championships and an accredited stunt man and actor who has done work on such shows as Walker, Texas Ranger.

Head Instructor

Lyle Maines

Image of Lyle Maines with foot above his head, moments away from kicking the bald punching dummy known colloquially as Bob.Lyle Maines is a ninth degree blackbelt with over twenty years of experience in teaching and is also an instructor at the University of Puget Sound.

Dojo Manager

Suzanne Curran

1980s era photo of Suzanne Curran with long curly brown hair and black boxing gloves standing in front of a red century punching bag.Soki Suzanne is the co-owner and manager of the Academy. With decades of training under her belt, she can give tips on technique and answer any your questions about programs and classes.

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