2016 Junior Daffodil Parade – with Daffodil Princess / Blackbelt Lily

Special Events

The Annual Dojo Tournament – March

Everyone is welcome (and expected) to compete, and we are excited to welcome family members as spectators.  It is a fun-filled time to compete under tournament conditions with medals awarded to the top 3 finishes in each event:  kata, weapons, sparring, and the obstacle course – the dojo favorite!  Competitors register at the front desk and the price is per event with competitors automatically entered in the obstacle course.

The Junior Daffodil Parade – April

A free event for dojo kids to march with other Tacoma residents and show off our kicks.  Sign ups will be at the front desk.  Adults are welcome as support crew, but the focus is on the kids!

The Proctor Arts Fest – August

This is a chance for our dojo students to show-off their skills on the main stage of the Proctor Arts Fest. Usually held on the first Saturday in August, students perform kicks, punches, self-defense, and stunt fights. Participation is free, but by invitation.  Please ask if you are interested in joining the crew!


Seminars for advanced skills are held through-out the year.  Sign-ups will be at the front desk.  Prices will vary.


Family rates are available with discounts for additional family members.

All new students receive a free dojo t-shirt. Karate uniforms and martial arts equipment may be purchased at the front desk.


Test the waters and find out if karate is for you and/or your little one! Mini-program students wear sweat pants and a t-shirt for these classes, and should arrive about 15 minutes early for a quick orientation.

Price: 2 classes for $22

Available Days & Times:

  • Monday: 4, 5pm
  • Tuesday – Wednesday: 4, 5, 6pm
  • Friday: 4, 5, 6pm
  • Saturday: 12pm

Little Dragons & Tigers (Ages 3-7)

A fun class for little ones to learn with students of a similar age. This program is designed to build balance, coordination, timing, and confidence. Students will advance by meeting technique and attendance criteria and by demonstrating their techniques by test with an instructor. Students must be potty trained and ready to interact with other kids.

Price: 3 months @ $480 ($160 a month), 20% off 2nd person

Days & Times:

  • Monday & Wednesday: 4 & 5pm

Youth (Ages 7 – 15) & Adults (Ages 16+)

All students learn together in classes with segments for meditation, stretching & warm-up, techniques, and self-directed practice (and OK, sometimes a few minutes for fun & games). Each student has a manual calibrated to their age group and belt rank. To advance students must achieve instructor approval on each manual item. Students in the standard programs are permitted 2 classes, and one sparring class (once they have achieved yellow belt) per week.


  • 6 months @$930 ($155 a month), 20% off 2nd person
  • 12 months @$1740 ($145 a month), 20% off 2nd person

Days & Times:

  • Monday – Friday:  4, 5, 6pm
  • Saturday: 12pm
  • Sparring Classes
    Monday: 6pm
    Thursday: 4, 5, 6pm

Black Belt Club

Want to take unlimited classes?  Sign up for the Black Belt Program.  Ask about pricing at the front desk.

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